Octagonal Pole

Octagonal Pole

Ahmed Group designs and manufactures a wide range of octagonal poles, for primary use as street lighting poles. Products are fabricated using premium quality raw material and are customized to client’s specification.

Ahmed Group uses high-strength sheet steel and can produce single-piece poles up to a length of 14 meters. The two shell halves are welded together with advanced systems and with automatic sigma machines. The octagonal poles shafts are continuously tapered with single longitudinal welding & no circumferential weld. The manufacturing facilities available allows production of single section of length up to 14 meters, which can be galvanized through single dip process at the company’s in-house sophisticated galvanizing facilities, and guarantees great corrosion resistance. X-ray, ultrasound, and surface-crack inspections ensure top material quality and helps maximize the life of Ahmed Group poles and masts.

Pole sections :

The Octagonal Poles are in single section (upto 14 meters) without any circumferential weld joint.

Galvanization :

The poles are hot dip galvanised as per IS 2629 / IS 2633 / IS 4759 standards with average coating thickness of 70 micron. The galvanizing is done by single dipping.

Fixing Type :

The Octagonal Poles are bolted on pre-cast foundation with a set of four foundation bolts for greater rigidity.

Top Mountings :

Galvanized mounting bracket are supplied along with the Octagonal Poles for installation of the luminaries.

Manufacturing :

The pole manufacturing & galvanizing unit are ISO 9001: 2000 & ISO 14001 certified to ensure consistent quality.